Sunday, May 12, 2013

hello world...

my name is Sarah...

A lot, and I mean AAAA LLOOOTTTT has happened since I last posted on this bad boy!

I was teaching at a charter school near my new casa when all *h-e-double hockey sticks* broke loose. In the chaos that went on I decided that for my own personal security and joy I needed to find a place that I would not have to go through the madness that I was at the time. {If you have any specific questions about what went down let me know!}

I was fortunate in having a variety of job opportunities open up for me when I started looking for one, and found myself very lucky to to find a Kindergarten teaching job in an older, more diverse area in Las Vegas. I couldn't be happier! I love my school! I love my staff! I love my Kindergarten team!!


The huge age change I have experienced in jumping down from 4th grade to Kindergarten was quite drastic! I am so happy I was able to move down to the primary grades, because that has been my hope for so long!

Yesterday was my official graduation day from New Mexico State University... Crazy to think that I am finally *OFFICIALLY* done with my masters degree! {I felt like I was done in November when I found out that I had passed my culminating exam after traveling all night and taking a three hour nap! But that's another story in and of itself!}

I am so excited that I will soon have that pretty official diploma in my hands!! Come on NMSU get on it!!! I cannot wait to get it framed and hang it in a place of honor in my home office!! yippee! 


The school year is almost over! Yay!! We have a count down chain going on in my classroom that we get to tear a link off of every day, count and record our new number! It is so exciting that these kiddos are almost done with their first year of school, and that I was able to have a part of it!

Last week, for Teacher Appretiation Week, there was a great sale happening on Teachers Pay Teachers. I was looking for some things to help me get through the last 3.5 weeks of school with the kinderbabies. Oh my goodness! Did I ever find fun things that would not only excite the herd but also stuff that I am soooo looking forward to doing!!

this product was created by Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade

 This pack is so awesome! I was working on getting the pieces together so that my kiddos will have fun centers to keep them engaged while I am working on getting my CCSS testing completed this week! Hopefully I will be able to snap some pictures of my kinderbabies enjoying these fun activities all week! 

I also bought the following items and cannot wait to dive on in to using some of it before the conclusion of the school year!!!

{and a couple of others, but my computer is starting to act all goofy!}

Thanks to the great ladies who created all of these awesome items!!!



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