Saturday, May 18, 2013


Life this week has been crazy... This weekend I found some motivation for the remaining days of school! {Thank goodness for TPT sales, and the amazing ideas they share and inspire!}

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I started getting to work on the fun centers for my students to practice new skills and review old skills, and this began with cutting, laminating... and more cutting and laminating!

And I also enjoyed my first Sonic Soda in 5 months to keep me working in my classroom! It certainly helped!!

ahhh! at least it was diet {no calories} the other problems associated with diet coke are being ignored for the time being!

Not only did I work on the stuff that I purchased on TPT, but I used the G.R.E.A.T. Cara Carroll as inspiration to create a few new "Ice Cream and Popsicle" themed items for my crazy kinderbabies to work on during center time!

my fun *HUGE* ice cream cones and popsicles to measure!!
the happy little worksheet I made for my kiddos to use when measuring the larger and smaller then life ice cream and popsicle shapes!!

With this newly reinvigorated teaching outlook I have, I have even started making fun crafty things to put in my classroom... still trying to decide if this new addition was so wise to add to my classroom full of 30 five year old goofballs!

I am so proud of my hand painted leopard print! Cannot wait to leopard print it up for my classroom next year!

On Monday morning, about 15 minutes before I needed to go outside and pick up my kiddos I decided that I needed to fix the insane pencil situation that goes on in my classroom. I quick sharpened 32 brand new pencils, printed out a list of my students first and last names {only their first last name, since many of them have 2! One even has the same last name 2x! insert little giggle here!} quickly cut and taped their names to the end of each pencil and put them at their desks! Here's hoping they last through the end of the year, but in the meantime the amount of "he took my pencil"'s being blurted during the day has decreased! *Phew!*

Wednesday, I couldn't take it much longer... My {ONE} child... Every classroom has at least one like this, and if you are not a teacher just use your imagination {picture the child who screams and throws huge fits in the middle of the mall surrounded by people and cannot be soothed... oh wait, that is something I did growing up! Sorry Mom and Brother!}! Because it was one of those days, I treated myself to a Sonic Drink!

I have been revisiting some of my favorite blogs, starting from the beginning! It's pretty funny that I do this, but I am a nosey rosey and love reading about the lives of people I will never meet! haha!  In revisiting BabblingAbby I happened upon a post she did and borrowed it to do with my kinderbabies! It turned out so cute and the babes loved guessing it!

our chart well before it was done... each one had three crayons that belonged under it!

the beautiful rainbow of crayons!! I love that one is called "purple mountains' majesty" because we are singing America The Beautiful! which btw the babes are amazing at singing!! LOVE it!!
the goal for the day was chugging coffee and writing about our fabulous crayon colors!

It was quite the busy week, and I loved every minute of it!
I like to include the day we are on when counting down with my kinderbabies so that I will not be disappointed... according to our countdown chain there are only 12 days left! {as I ask my students, How do we write the number 12? a 1 and a 2!} I sure am gonna miss these sweet faces next year!

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  1. Love the ideas for the pencils. So smart!! Totally trying it. =) I'm your newest follower, drop by.

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