Wednesday, May 22, 2013

random musings...

FYI if you do not want to read about some of the random thoughts running through my mind at the moment, or any moment in the past two days just keep scrolling down, this is not the blog post for you!

i don't know about y'all but sometimes you just have to let your little brain relax and watch all of the silly reality shows you love so much! Calling the television a "boob tube" is certainly an accurate description of what happens to my brain when I flip it on after school each evening.
There are currently a couple of silly shows that I am an avid viewer of and The Voice is one of them!

I love this show! I remember being so disappointed when it was released that Christina and Ceelo weren't coming back to the show this season. But holy cow! I think Usher is a great addition to the show, just love him! I think watching Shakira is pretty interesting. In the beginning I had reservations about her, and during the blind auditions it often felt like she would turn her chair when she saw others turning theirs... {just an opinion}. Now during the live shows, it is quite interesting when Blake, Usher, or Adam have performers on stage Carson will go to the other two men and then the coach. It totally seems like they are avoiding going to Shakira for her opinion on the other artists. Just an observation, if you disagree or think Shakira is the bee's knees I certainly don't intend to offend!!

This weekend I decided to try a new recipe... Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, I found this delicious and not super healthy recipe for a tortilla stack! it was so flipping good {of course I loaded it with immense amounts of salsa at each bite!}

When I heated up some of my leftovers, I used one of the avocados in my kitchen to whip up some avocado cream... wow! this is incredible!! of course once again loaded down with salsa and paired with the tortilla stack! Yuum!
{I replaced the sour cream with greek yogurt and it was great! anything with greek yogurt is fine by me!

I have made my bed for the past three days, if you know me and my lack of bed making desire then you will understand that this is quite the feat for me! I guess this is what happens when you hear your alarm clock going off and get a bit nervous that you will sleep through it entirely if you hit the snooze button and get a few more minutes of shut eye.
and it certainly is nice to fold back the covers and sleep in a freshly made bed... maybe this is one small thing that I will try and make habitual!
And I did my laundry!! who am I?! a small pat on my back for productivity at home! Now to get back in my class and be productive at school too!

Now a "teachery type" thought...
What do I do for my kiddos as their end of the year gift. I know it's late to be thinking about this, but with everything else I have to do I would like them to leave the year with a little "yay! you survived kindergarten!!" gift. I have seen some cute gifts, like crayons and a little bow; but I gave each of them a heart crayon for Valentines day. I would make the same frames and word art that I made for my class last year but I'm afraid it would not be something that 5 and 6 year olds would be as interested in as fourth graders were...
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

And if my favorite coworker ever finds this blog I want to give her a little shout out, happy day of birth to little Linky!!! so exciting!

Can you say random babbling?! goodness I need to find a focus for my next post!
thanks for taking your time to read!

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