Friday, July 22, 2011

"That Girl"...

Today I am totally "That Girl"...

Today I am realizing how much I need to get done if I want to have a relaxing weekend at all..
So I sit here and think of the 3 observation reports I have to write, the paper I have to finish and the mid-term essay I have to complete {during the designated time of course! gag!}

I totally need to get it together!
I MUST get to paper writing, asap!

But first I need to finish watching Big Brother from last night {I need to know who got sent home!} and possibly order a couple of books off of Amazon for my classroom next year! If you have any suggestions please send them my way!

Also, don't you worry I am planning on posting something about new things I am putting together for my classroom this year, and the Trash to Treasure transformations I have in mind!

Go Me!!!

Please send me good, productivity vibes today {trust me I need them!!!}

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

These are the {Summer} Days of my Life

In completing my first year of teaching, and quite honestly being pretty exhausted by it... I was kind of excited to have a bit more free time on my hands.
From spending 7-3:30 teaching {big} kiddos
and from 3:30-6 working the after school program watching and playing with kids
then spending two nights per week at church until 8:30
and finally making it home to try and get homework done before I fall asleep... I think I earned the feeling of free time!!

Little did I realize how crazy my summer would feel.
I had a week off after school let out before our summer "reading and writing" program began!
This first week off was quickly and entirely taken over by my first summer session of grad school... By far the most difficult semester I have had with grad school thus far! Highly time consuming!!

Luckily I got to spend a couple of those days cheering for one of my very dearest friends, Brittany, Miss New Mexico USA.

She is a beautiful person, inside and out and I was so honored to get to spend such a special day with her! Cheering her on with my momma and a herd of our sorority sisters! how awesome!

Not to mention that when her name was called for getting the "people's choice" award this was what was broadcasted on NBC:

Not only that but I am lucky enough to be living in Las Vegas and because of this luxury one of the awesome local casinos is having a summer concert series, where they are bringing in a whole slew of amazing performers to their outdoor stage!
I got to see:

Niki and her best lil friend!

Thanks for the photo-bomb Liz

What a great time these concerts have been! So glad to have spent them with such great people!!

Hope y'all are all having a fantastic summer as well!

Another Tuesday marked off...

Wow! It is so crazy to me that because it is summer vacation time my days seem all mixed up.
I keep forgetting what day of the week it is!
Who does this at 24 years old?!
What on Earth?!

Apparently the answer to this question is:

I mean, Really!

In all honesty the only reason I have any handle on what the days are is because I know that I have stuff due on a specific date for my classes.

Which brings me to my next topic of conversation:
Summer School!

I cannot tell you how stressed out I got today when I realized all of the work I have to get done for my classes. I guess five weeks seems like a long enough time when you are signing up for classes that you have to take in two months. You think, "hey, I will have nothing better to do! I will want to get ahead of schedule and have all of my work done as soon as possible."

After my class meeting today I really stated to have a mild freak out... called my friend Kymbre and she could relate {thank goodness} and helped me take a giant chill pill!
I was able to talk and calm myself and was then able to be productive when I got back to my little condo!

How lucky I am to have such a wonderful friend in my life!
Can I just say that I am so glad she will be joining me in Las Vegas very very soon!

Hopefully I will be productive and have time to blog about some of the fun goings on I have done this summer!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bear with me... It's that time of the year!

And so it began... One week ago one of my Most. Favorite. Shows. Ever. began



Is the suspense killing you yet??



Big Brother

I don't know about you readers out there, but when each new season begins I get totally enraptured by the goings on in the Big Brother house.
Unfortunately for my school motivation this show is on three times each week... but happy for my entertainment! yippee!! 

On this season of Big Brother they have a slew of returning house guests two that I was supremely excited about are Danielle and Dick!

{Insert Evil Dick}

{Insert Daughter Danielle}

I don't know why they are my favorite... don't get me wrong I love Jeff and Jordan, but Dick and Danielle are just such good Big Brother-ers that it makes for such a fun show to watch!

And sadder then sad... Dick is gone! Just when the show was starting to get really interesting {Episode 2!!} go figure right?!

Not to worry, I am sure I will be adding comments off and on about this BB season!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trust me, This video is a MUST WATCH!

I have to watch a video about a study done by Jane Elliot for one of my classes this summer session. It is one that I have had to watch in other classes, and have had teachers make reference to time and time again. I thought it was something that would be worth sharing to whomever reads this little blog of mine.
Please enjoy!

{here is the link to the video}


Thursday, July 7, 2011

and it begins again....

Yep, that's right, I am talking about another semester of Masters Courses...


I just spent the last hour, forcing my wonderful Mama to stay up with me, writing my first paper of my Summer 2 semester. {Thanks again Mother!}

I am hoping that I don't feel overwhelmed when I get back to Nevada so that I can finally write some substantial blog posts! {Thanks for bearing with me during my trip!}

I hope you have a warm heart like mine after eating a big plate of green chilie!


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello my fellow teachers out there...
{not educator specific... PROMISE!!}
I have a huge Huge HUGE question to ask you all:
How do I plan a classroom on a budget?

I am planning a post on this soon and am trying to employ the ideas currently circulating in my mind however I KNOW that somebody out there has something that will get my creative juices flowing!

I am also hoping to use these tips to make my classroom the best it can be for the coming year!!

Help a Sista out!!!

Thanks in advance!