Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another day done... {well, kinda!}

Happy Wednesday to all!!
I am happy to say that both of my final exams have been submitted for this first Summer session! Wow! I honestly thought it would never be over.

Overall I have a pretty good feeling, so keep your fingers crossed for me {I am prepared to offer you bribes, protein shakes, chocolate and a good book to borrow!}

On a much, much, MUCH happier note I am very happy to say that I am now making my favorite Sonic drink at home! It is the most tasty morsel EVER! Sugar-free Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper...  quite possibly the BEST. DRINK. EVER!! It's definitely part of my new summer routine to make one of these delish concoctions as soon as I get home from teaching summer school! (Not to worry I will be doing a post about this as soon as possible!}

I suppose that in all actuality, the day isn't done after all...
I still have oh so much to accomplish before I go to bed tonight. The list includes multiple loads of laundry, running and emptying the dishwasher as well as cleaning up the rest of my little casita...

I'm off! Hope you have yourself a very happy Thursday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

AHHH! Finals... Commence!

Wlep... so it shall soon be over
{another chapter on my way to completing my 
Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education}

This weekend I spent about 15 hours on and off writing a final paper for one of my classes... 
over {get this} WHAT I LEARNED!
I mean, pretty general right?! BAH! 

I can happily say that I finished it yesterday afternoon! 

Wish I could make this post a bit more worthwhile, but I must begin writing final exam number 2!
{Thank goodness this paper is a bit more specific!}

TaTa, and please send positive productive vibes my way 
as I will surely need them today!

Note Worthy

Just thought I would try a little something new...

The following is a list of things in the recent past that I think are to be made note of...

1. I spent a vast majority of my weekend writing my final paper for one of my classes this semester. Happily I can share that after I reread and submit it tomorrow afternoon I will be done with one more class!

2. I unfortunately plan on spending the time I have after teaching half day summer school working on my {much shorter, therefor less stressful for a stressball like me!}research paper for class number two of the semester! Please be sending me good vibes that I can be productive and focused!

3. I must admit... I am still VERY PLEASED with my $20 Kmart purchase of a standing fan! Hope I am still as pleased when I get my next energy bill!

4. Sometimes you just need some cake to make the weekend end on a happy note! {so sue me...}

5. I am anxiously awaiting the taste of some delicious, authentic Mexican food soon!!

Unfortunately my list wasn't up to ten like I hoped... but you get the idea!
Just a couple of thoughts that were on my mind!

Get yourself a fan and feel the beautiful breeze blowing in your face!

Hope y'all made it to bed before me tonight... Come on sheep I have a long day ahead of me!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonight Tonight

(sung to the tune of the song from West Side Story)

I was lucky enough to spend my night with my relocated family
{two of my friends from back home!}
Introducing Eryn {she has literally been my friend since I was eight years old}
Probably one of the funniest people ever made
she is one of those people who has the art of making sure everybody is comfortable in any situation!

we have been friends since the Olsen twins were popular... She is the Mary Kate to my Ashley!
How lucky am I!?

Well... anywho... Eryn and I had to watch last week's "Pretty Little Liars" episode and we just started hanging out... drinking our $4 bottle of wine and talking! SO FUN!

then Phil shows up...

Introducing Phil:
Phil is lucky enough to be close friends with my brother...
What a pair those two are!!

I am so So SOOO lucky to have two close friends from back home to get to spend time with... granted they are dating and I could quite possibly be the third wheel in the trio, but I don't think I EVER feel that way with the two of them! PHEW!!

I probably should have spent my night working on my finals for semester number 3 in grad school... {and I will probably feel compelled to do so in about 10 minutes}
But tonight was such a welcome relief to the time I spent getting a jump start on paper number one!

I will leave you with a photo of me with some of my favorite men!

me with Phil, my Dad, and my brother {Danny}

Signing off,

My <3 always!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hum.... Motherhood

So... Today I had intentions of making a post about my recent obsessions. I am hoping that by reading the title of tonight's blog you aren't thinking that one new obsession is becoming a mother!!!!

Wow! Today was my Friday for summer school this week, and it was quickly followed by a Very interesting RTI (Response To Intervention) meeting.
One of my coworkers has a small son that she is trying to potty train, well I suppose she is telling him that he can't go potty in his undies...
So he is wandering around during our meeting and all of us are talking and planning stuff for this next year, when we hear a little squeal
We turn to see where it came from and let me just say he had his pants down...
But at least he didn't go in his undies right?!

What a topper to my day, little boy pooping on the floor of the classroom during our meeting... can you say WIN?! oh geez, please let me remember this when I have children!

Hope your Thursday was as interesting as mine was!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to my Crazy Summer

WOW! It seems like this summer is just flying by...

Not only am I taking more masters classes (finally feel like I am making more progress in completing this fun stuff!) but I am also teaching a summer reading and writing program at my school! The kids that I get to work with are of all ages but at the same level. We are reading a book, doing research, practicing free writing, fluency and comprehension. It certainly makes for a quick day of classes, having them for half the day!

We are reading Charlotte's Web aloud, and it is so much cuter then I remembered.
 As a special treat at the end of the program we are going to get to watch the movie.

They are so excited for this, let me just put that out there!

While I love reading Charlotte's Web aloud to my class, I personally get a huge kick out of the Junie B. Jones series.

She has the funniest sayings and is super entertaining!

Trying to get back on track with my blogging fun... please forgive me for my sporadic posts!

I will try and get it together, starting NOW!