Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time Flies

This cliche saying is something that appears to be more real to my life and something I think on a regular basis. What does this mean? I remember my mom saying, while I was growing up, that the older you get the quicker time flies by... and wow does this ring true to me! I cannot believe that it is 11 days until Thanksgiving and 6 weeks until Christmas! Holy Moly!! {**even crazier is that I have already purchased 2 gifts for my family members and know what to purchase for the third... yes, Mom, I am talking about you!!}

I remember on Thursday when I began my long week, I thought this weekend was going to last forever and that I was going to be able to get so much done!!! Now it is Sunday night, and I am looking at a pile of graded papers and patting myself on the back at all that I have accomplished in these three days!
At least until my eyes flit over to my weekend to do list and notice that I have only checked off three of the items on my list! Sad!

A few amazing things happened to me this weekend, that I am so elated about I must share the news somewhere... I finally got the confirmation that a new planner that I purchased was finally on its way to my house so that I can put it to good use, that is planning my life away and keeping my organized! Once my new one comes in and I get to explore all of the fun it has to offer I will hopefully get to share it with all of y'all on here! 

Second, and this is way beyond belief... After my first project got submitted on Donor's Choose I went ahead and submitted a new project to be donated to my classroom {I figured that I might as well see if the same fund that donated such an enormous chunk to my first project would do it again}! I applied for a project that would fund a listening center as well as a set of books and cd's for my classroom to use during our Daily 5 time. {Here's the best part} In the email directly following the one saying that my project was posted was an email saying that I did indeed qualify for the Lincy Fund donation and all I had to raise was $96... which is a small feat compared to the original $600+ that was my original cost of the items! My mom's friend, and one of my friends donated the rest of the money! Such wonderful people!!!

I hope you all had as successful of a weekend as I did!!

my love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Miracles DO happen!

Can I just say that at the present moment I am in utter shock!
I found out today {thanks to my co-worker and classroom neighbor} for telling me that the donation I randomly qualified for left me with a remaining balance of $95! Wow! Who would have thought that left with an achievable balance would spark a small fire under my hiney? I quickly sent out a mass email {something I detest doing}, one of my fabulous college friends and sisters posted a link on facebook shortly followed by my big brother posting a link as well... well little did I know this was all I needed because IT GOT FUNDED!!!! AHHHH!!

I am so excited! I mentioned that we might receive a new projector for our class to my group of nutty 4th graders and they were elated!! I can't wait to see the fun that I will get to experiment with it as soon as it comes in!

Thank you for listening to my giddy ramblings tonight!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all!! 

Hopefully all of you sparkle readers had some fun "trick-or-treaters" visit you today, I know I had got to spend the day with some cute ghosties and skeleton brides!

Today was a wash for us all in education... Kiddos out of uniform, with crazy hair and crazier clothes, makes for a nutso kinda day. I definitely got more done {learning wise} in this one day then I did in all of last week! I must say it was nice to get back to the crazy world of teaching my fourth graders!

I hope you all have a super fantastic week! Hopefully I will get back on and post some fun stuff later this week!

Ta Ta,

PS The countdown and the cleanse continues {not without mas temptation from the two delicious bags of Popcorn Girl popcorn I was given today!} and down to 21 days!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sad news... today my mom left town! Goodness do I hate saying goodbye! I'm terrible, you'd think I was a little kid getting dropped off at school for the first day. But no! I am 25 and living on my own, completely independent and I cry when my mom leaves town! :(

Today I started a cleanse, I did this for the first time about 9 months ago, and had pretty good success. I followed the rules drank lots of water and ate right {meaning not Hot Fries}! I am hoping for the same successes this time around *fingers crossed*

Counting down until Thanksgiving Break!!

{any guesses??!!}

Hope y'all have a spooky Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short week and Loving it!

I am eagerly anticipating this week for a couple of reasons...

1. It is a short week! Since I moved to Las Vegas, it is really fun that we get a long weekend in honor of Nevada becoming a state {called Nevada Day}. This day actually falls on Halloween day, which as we all know is next Monday, but it is celebrated the Friday closest to the date. What makes this even better is that my school offers us a Fall Holiday as well {and those smarties make them consecutive days!!!}.

2. We {all of the 4th grade classes} are having a "Fall Festivities Week". For the past 2 weeks we have been using James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl as our "Listen to Reading" center so we will get to start the 3 day week by watching the film version and having a read-in day! I am so pumped! Tuesday we are doing pumpkin experiments all day, and Wednesday we are having a "Park Day"! Such a low key week, I love it! PS always looking for activity suggestions if any are out there!!!

3. My Mom is coming back to Las Vegas! Ahhh! I am so pumped for her to come again {this is a visit that I knew was coming}! It is so lame that my excitement for this has had me counting down till this since she left on my birthday! We have a few fun and new activities planned for this visit that we haven't done yet!

4. Just because it looks weird to have a list that only contains 3 items... I am hoping that the weather will finally cool down this week and I will finally get to bring out sweaters and scarves! **The Weather Channel website predicts in their 5 day forecast that it will be colder on Wednesday {like 60's!!}.

I will now leave you with some pictures that make me smile!

Love you all, and thanks for reading!! See you in a couple of days mamasita!

ps guess I should try wearing a different shirt sometime!! whoops!