Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August Already?! The 8th?? I think I'm a few days late!

I cannot believe how quickly July flew by. I'm not exaggerating when I say if feels like the first of the month was last week... oh goodness!

I did have a mighty eventful month of July and was fortunate to get to spend some much needed time with the people I care about the most. I got to go back to New Mexico for about 5 days, although this trip was bookended by some mighty long 11 hour days spent driving in the car. At least on the way there I got to enjoy some of my favorite fast food that does not have a location in Las Vegas, Nevada. On our way back my poor Mama got stuck crammed in the back of the car with a brand new large {and well priced @ $20} rug for my big 'ol carpeted bathroom! {Um... who carpets bathrooms anyways?!}

I cannot believe that in 5 days we {the teachers} will be required to be back at school and participating in the regular events and work that we get to go over every year at the very beginning! I have been going to school for the past week. It has been an interesting start to the new school year in that as of last week they announced that one of the kindergarten classes {there are 4 and were recently moved off campus into their own building} and because of this there had to be a huge shift in classroom assignments! Luckily the classroom that was going to be my new room for the upcoming school year didn't end up changing, but I had to wait until the first of the month to find out for certain.

I am so excited for the year to come! I feel like I have slowly but surely gotten a lot of my stuff done for the school year, which is a huge accomplishment for this year as opposed to where I was at this point last year. I can happily say that I have completed my "4th Grade Rocks!!" packet or as I lovingly refer to it as welcome to the madness that is my classroom! I cannot even express the sense of relief I have knowing that this is not something I will frantically have to put together right before parents and students {eekk!!!} show up on open house/meet the teacher night!

It has certainly been a work-filled last week of my summer vacation. I wish I was one of those teachers who could go in the week before {at my school they like to fill our week before kiddos show up with meetings and presentations} and have everything done in time for open house the Thursday before school starts. I am most definitely NOT that person! I am a very particular slow unpacking person! I wish I was more swift in this but it just is not me... it especially throws things off for me when I am completely changing the way I set up my classroom! ahh!!
It is now time for me to paint some clothespins {like pencils} to look like the pencil clip chart I made inspired by a find on pinterest! 

Hopefully next week I will have some fun pictures to show ya on this little site!

Happy classroom decorating!!

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