Wednesday, May 22, 2013


{Thank Goodness It's Almost least in my world!}

When you have a 4 day week with kids, Thursday is your Friday! For me this even applies when you have to be at work on Friday morning... but it's sans my 30 crazy kinderbabies which is both sad and happy!

{not even going to lie, after my
day it is mostly happy!}

Since today was so much, I decided to use up a couple of the majorly ripe bananas on my counter and cook up some Chocolate Banana Bread! {*please note, I did not use full amounts of the sour cream or butter listed... I almost replaced the butter with applesauce, but decided to splurge!} This does a few things: 
1. Baking always puts a smile on my face, and I haven't done it in such a long time that I am especially happy I did it!
2. I get to splurge on something sweet and happy! {and yes, I am pretending this is not as bad for me as it really is because there is some fresh fruit in it!! ;)}
3. I get to share the leftovers with some of my favorite coworkers tomorrow! I wouldn't love going to school so much if they weren't there with me! {too bad the one that is always referred to as my sister or my twin is out for the end of the year... but at least she has a cutie patootie baby to spend time with, who has the best name ever!!}
I hope all of y'all out there on the internet have had a great week so far!
and if you are having hot and cold days {like this lady in sin city, then make yourself a loaf of Chocolate Banana Bread trust me it helps!!}

P.S. I cannot wait to conduct a few ice cream based science experiments with my kinderbabies tomorrow!!

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