Monday, May 28, 2012

while the Bachelorette is on...

I love watching The Bachelorette... Emily is so stinking cute and her disposition always seems so kind and positive that some of these dudes seem quite odd and I was very happy to see a couple of them leaving tonight for sure!

This weekend was great, and I must admit that I am sad to see it end!
Saturday I quickly ran some errands, I forgot to take my big ol' basket of grades home to enter over the weekend, so needless to say I HAD to run to school to pick up all of those in order to feel more productive this weekend. Not only that but I had to run my happy little behind over to Lowes, my box seller of choice to get a few boxes so that I could begin loading up my goodies! Equally I felt the need to purchase one of my new favorite items, the best tape measure EVER! Yes, I admit, I am quite a random bird!

Not only that but I got to go on a "walk through" somewhere that I'm sure I will expose more information on in the near future!

Later that evening my soccer team friends and I adventured to "Downtown Las Vegas" or what other peeps call "Freemont Street" or "Old Vegas". It was a blasty-blast for sure! speckled with multitudes of pineapple scented goodies and lime-filled glasses!

There were definite awkward moments sprinkled throughout the evening but on the whole it was a magical night with all of us having a positive time and just enjoying our time together! I feel so fortunate to have gotten to meet these new and exciting friends and that we are all able to mix our groups to make something new and exciting!

SEVEN AND A  HALF days of school left... but who's counting?!

TaTa for now love muffins!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Blathering!

Is it bad that I am counting down the days until school is out?!

Oh well... I totally am, and I know that I am most certainly not the only teacher at my school that is counting down! To be perfectly honest most of us have been counting down since there were 4 weeks left as opposed to now when we have 7 1/2 days left! Yep, I am even counting that silly half day that we have scheduled as the last day of school!

Bring on the 4 day weekend {kinda!}. Unfortunately we {the teachers} have to be at school tomorrow for about 4 hours to do inventory. It might be boring, tedious work but luckily there isn't too much to count in my classroom so I am not really all that worried about it! I will take complete advantage of that extra time and will enter grades or pack up some of my stuff. 

Tonight after I got home from work I finally got to talk to my little sister {in my awesome sorority, ZTA} after about 6 months of playing phone tag. Lucky for us we even got to use skype! Best invention EVER! I love that while I haven't seen my dear friend since her wedding 1.5 years ago I still feel like  get to "see" her all the time {unless we go another 6 months!}, and I just LOVE it!

Here is a picture in case you need some evidence!

{don't judge, but this was totally staged!}

Okay, so that is all from my random musings for this moment but I'm sure that I will have more to add as this Memorial day weekend begins!

My love always,

Two Week Incriments

This probably sounds strange to most people but I feel as though I am planning my time in two week increments. I certainly think this has become my norm since returning from spring break. Two more weeks until CRT testing, Two more weeks unit SAT ten testing, two weeks until I am done with grad school{!!!}, two weeks until I get to start packing stuff up, not to mention that there are only  there is a never ending series of two week count downs that is constantly running through my mind.

This last month and a half has been a whirl wind of craziness! At school we have been testing, and testing and even more testing. They have been long traumatizing days with my fourth graders being forced into silence for two and a half hours and then working hard in the afternoon on school work! Poor Kiddos! Luckily last week we were able to go on our field trip for the year... let me just say IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We went to the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada! After we got to see the dolphins up close we got to go to the Secret Garden, which is also at the Mirage hotel and casino.  

edited thanks to my favorite application instagram

calmest tiger EVER! So awesome!

This was seriously the most awesome field trip I have ever been on! My students behavior was exceptionally good, and they were so entertained by what they were doing and seeing that there were no behavior issues or kiddos with ants in their pants!
I LOVE BEING A TEACHER!! and I am really going to miss having this group of kids to spend my week days with!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Love It.

Welp... I don't really know if i put this out there in a list for people to see in the blogoshpere but there is a pretty massive list of things I love {I'll try and keep the list limited!}

1. I love love love reality TV and find that my nightly schedule revolves around what silly show I will spend my evening listening to while I am finding other things to occupy my night around this little home! {*some of my favorites being: Dancing with the Stars, All of the Real Housewives shows, The Bachelorette or the Bachelor *if I don't get too bored by the crazies that are drawn to the chaos!, and of course the CBS reality shows... Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother!}

2. I love being a teacher! I could sit and talk anybody's ear off about my students... the funny things they say and do! Not to mention that I get the biggest kick out of playing old rock songs that my dad used to play for me and watching as they sing every word of the song! I feel so blessed to have the class that I have and the fantastic parents of my 26 little boogers! Only reinforced by the 4 wonderful mothers that joined our class on a field trip this past week.

3. I am about to be done with my second year teaching! This year I was fortunate in getting to be the student council adviser and I got to put some of my sorority girl skills to good use planning and throwing a Valentine's Day dance for the middle school students called "Cupid's Shuffle" {intentionally named after the song!}.

4. I am obsessed with my pinterest board that is all about the "Interiors of my Dreams"... cannot even express all of the ideas that I hope to one day morph into one big conglomeration of a fantastic home! Yes one of my interior goals is to have an ice maker in my refrigerator! I have lived for 2 years by having to pour my water into ice trays and waiting for them to solidify overnight in order to have ice!

5. I love having DVR so that I am able to watch multiple shows that are on at the same time without having to jump back and forth between shows! *currently watching last nights "Celebrity Apprentice" finale while I have part one of the "Dancing with the Stars" finale recording.

6. I love drinking Herbalife Tea and Aloe for breakfast!

7. I love getting flight confirmations for my mom, dad and brother's upcoming visit!

8. I love seeing the amazing creations my students write! They are certainly the most impressive students possible!

9. I love being honored for my perfect attendance tonight at my school board meeting! {Yep, that's right I am one of those people who will go to work even when I feel terrible just to not have to write any sub plans!}

10. I absolutely love that there are 10.5 days of school left! That's right the last day of school is a half day!! Yay for being a teacher!

My Love,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Rules

Sunday might just be my favorite day of the week... Aside from Thursday {I don't know why but Thursday is definitely my favorite week day!} I think the reason I have always loved Sunday nights so much is because I have always paired Sunday nights with family and quiet down time. 

Growing up {especially in the summer} my dad would cook out for dinner and we would all have that special show on made for tv movie that we would enjoy together as a family... either that or my dad and brother would be watching their game on the big tv and my mom and I used to watch our drama of choice together.

To me Sunday always needs to be the day that there is nothing required to do. Homework should be complete by this day, nobody should have to think about the requirements that they need to complete before the next day of work or school. This is always my goal for the weekend NO WORK ON SUNDAY!!

As I have moved out of the same state as the rest of my family I have found that this is one of the goals I continue to attempt to follow through with as an adult. Let me just say that the last two years I have not necessarily been the most consistent at following through with this as I wished. Taking 2 classes each semester (4 over the summer) has prevented this for me unfortunately! {insert sad face here!} Now that I am done taking classes, yes a squeaked by my last semester and never thought I'd be so happy to receive a "B" in a class! *Phew*

I digress...
While I might have missed the memo on having productive weekend I have been milking it in the Sunday night relaxation process for the past two weekends. My mom and I will talk about the marathon television shows we watch for days at a time, rehashing the madness that ensued during the episodes! One of my favorites is a show that just restated {maybe one month ago}, is Real Housewives of New Jersey! 

Oh... Real Housewives of New Jersey.... Where does one even begin with that show?! Utter and complete chaos is what happens on that show. All I can say is I hope people are learning from their insanity! ha!


PS.. 4 day week {Friday we have an inservice day} followed by another 4 day week {Bless you Memorial Day!}, followed by yet another 4 day week {Which is also my last week of school for the year!} totaling 12 days left in this school year, I cannot believe it!!!

Out With the Old...

With the big changes that are in store for me in the near future I have decided {with much convincing from my mother dearest} that it was time to go through all of my stuff and clean out the garbage. I started by slowly going through random areas of my living spaces! I filled up  three huge bags full of junk that I have accumulated the past two years of my existence in this 636 square foot condo. Let me tell you this, when one gets junk mail it is imperative that they take the time to rip up all of the credit card offers on the spot and toss them into your trash can! Take it from me, they pile up! For some reason I had about 20+ credit card offers stored randomly though out my tiny home. {Can you say hoarder tendencies?!}YUCK! Not only did I find old mail to be perfectly stored in my house, but I had an enormous pile of work from my fourth grade smarties that were supposed to have been put in "file 13" since Christmas break! blast!

Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to snap a picture of my enormous bags full of garbage! Dang it! I wish I was able to show off the accomplishment I made in getting rid of all of the junk that has been cluttering my space.

After I finished my common space in my condo I moved on to my bedroom... Now I like to think I go through my hanging clothes pretty often {yep, I am always on the hunt for additional hangers and will do whatever it takes to scrounge up some extras and if that means donating a couple of shirts to one of the nearby SAVERS stores!}. Needless to say I immediately ruled out going through my hanging clothes and went straight to my dresser to go through all of the drawers!

In no uncertain terms, I made a lot of progress! 

Massive pile of clothes for donation!
I have definitely made enough space in my drawers for everything to fit comfortably and for my drawers to close more easily! Thank goodness!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Currently Monday:

Outside my window... the sun is setting, and my poor poor plant is looking like it has seen better days!
The time is... 7:49pm. Wishing I lived in a time zone where the shows I am so stoked to view were on earlier in the evening
Today I feel... too exhausted for it to be a Monday, but equally I am way too excited for it to be a Monday
I am thinking... about the madness of one of the classes I just finished taking (and hoping that it turns out in my favor).
At the moment, I am thankful... for all of the blessings in my life! I cannot believe how fortunate I am that I was given such wonderful people to surround myself with.
I am going... to watch the season premier of The Bachelorette", and quite possible in real time (meaning 30 minutes behind so that I can skip commercials)
I am wearing... My clothes from work still... I will certainly be changing into my comfy clean clothes as soon as I get the energy!
I wish... that it would be the end of the month already! I am way excited by the things (hopefully) to come in the near near future!
I am reading... a "Fees Breakdown", woah I feel so grown up! For funsies I am reading "If You Were Here" by Jen Lancaster. Jen is such an entertaining writer, she literally makes me laugh out loud with the awesome things she says. This is the second book I have read that she has written.
I am working on... trying to plan out the awesome things to come for my kiddos the last 3 weeks of school! I smell an Author Party coming on!
I am hoping... that life continues to be so awesome! Positive vibes in the universe for sure!
I am hearing... my standing fan rotate around my little living room while watching reruns of "Celebrity Apprentice"
I bet you didn't know... that I am trying to teach myself to paint my fingernails, I find left hand painting my right hand to be one of those things that either you can do or not... it must be genetic!
One of my favorite... snacks is chips and salsa! Yep, I am indeed from New Mexico!
My weekend plans include... sleeping in until 7am and catching up and re-watching some of my favorite recorded tv shows from the week! (I like to have them on while I am getting ready in the morning but don't often pay much attention).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

{Insert Title Here}

I cannot believe that it has been about 6 months since I last posted!
Please forgive me out there to the 2 people out there in the universe who read this little online momento!!


I can't believe that I have finished my courses for my Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education are complete. It is insane that I have completed all of the courses in two fall semesters, two spring semesters and one full load of summer courses {4 classes}. This last semester was through and through my most difficult semester ever!

I am so exited to have this chapter of my life come close to an end {just have to wrap it up with my big test next fall}. I cannot believe that it is over...

I hope all of you out in blog land and my IRL {in real life} friends, are enjoying the chapters they are on, and if they are coming to a close: congratulations on your accomplishment!

I  have some new and exciting things happening at the moment that I hope to share by early June {fingers crossed!}