Monday, May 20, 2013

Mighty Monday

{this type of post is 100% inspired by Babbling Abby from a few years ago! Thanks for the inspiration for Monday postings when it can be so hard to find motivation to do so!}

Here are my *might have* posts for today and beyond!

I might have gotten to have a sub in my classroom today so that I can continue to assess my kinderbabies on their knowledge of the Common Core State Standards.

I might be playing a one way version of phone tag with one of my little sisters...{you know who you are!!!}

I might have gone ahead and bought my mom her bountiful basket so that she could have fresh fruits and veggies this week!! {her site keeps getting sold out before she can get on to buy a basket!!}

I might be excited that we are almost down to single digit numbers in counting down to the end of the year!

I might have been offered to do a week long worm study with one of my awesome coworkers, but was way too grossed out by touching the worms to allow this to happen... creepy crawlies are not my thing! Having caterpillars in my class is probably the closest I will get! Yuck!

I might be about to fast forward through all of the weather reports on the Today show today so that I can watch Willie Geist then Hoda and Kathie Lee! What can I say, I know what interests me and  watching POI being made is not something that I feel like watching today!

I might be excited to have three fun science experiments planned {one for each of the next weeks! Thursday, next Friday, and the last full day of school!}

I might also be starting some yummy salmon for dinner in the next few minutes! FOOD!! YUM!!! ***It was delish***

*I might also love the fact that I only know who Paul Anka is because of a Gilmore Girls episode from a while ago... {FYI that's what they named their dog! for those of you that weren't cool enough to watch my favorite show!}

And I might be.... scratch that! I am definitely relieved that my long time friend Brittany is safe and sound! Scary things are happening, and it is always a sigh of relief when you find out people you care about close by are healthy and in one piece!

I hope you all have a MIGHTY fabulous week! and those teachery-type of readers out there, I hope you have a fantastically quick last few days of school!!

P.S. Feel free to post your own similar type post! Leave a comment and link and I will be sure to ch-ch-check it out!!

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