Monday, May 28, 2012

while the Bachelorette is on...

I love watching The Bachelorette... Emily is so stinking cute and her disposition always seems so kind and positive that some of these dudes seem quite odd and I was very happy to see a couple of them leaving tonight for sure!

This weekend was great, and I must admit that I am sad to see it end!
Saturday I quickly ran some errands, I forgot to take my big ol' basket of grades home to enter over the weekend, so needless to say I HAD to run to school to pick up all of those in order to feel more productive this weekend. Not only that but I had to run my happy little behind over to Lowes, my box seller of choice to get a few boxes so that I could begin loading up my goodies! Equally I felt the need to purchase one of my new favorite items, the best tape measure EVER! Yes, I admit, I am quite a random bird!

Not only that but I got to go on a "walk through" somewhere that I'm sure I will expose more information on in the near future!

Later that evening my soccer team friends and I adventured to "Downtown Las Vegas" or what other peeps call "Freemont Street" or "Old Vegas". It was a blasty-blast for sure! speckled with multitudes of pineapple scented goodies and lime-filled glasses!

There were definite awkward moments sprinkled throughout the evening but on the whole it was a magical night with all of us having a positive time and just enjoying our time together! I feel so fortunate to have gotten to meet these new and exciting friends and that we are all able to mix our groups to make something new and exciting!

SEVEN AND A  HALF days of school left... but who's counting?!

TaTa for now love muffins!

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