Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Blathering!

Is it bad that I am counting down the days until school is out?!

Oh well... I totally am, and I know that I am most certainly not the only teacher at my school that is counting down! To be perfectly honest most of us have been counting down since there were 4 weeks left as opposed to now when we have 7 1/2 days left! Yep, I am even counting that silly half day that we have scheduled as the last day of school!

Bring on the 4 day weekend {kinda!}. Unfortunately we {the teachers} have to be at school tomorrow for about 4 hours to do inventory. It might be boring, tedious work but luckily there isn't too much to count in my classroom so I am not really all that worried about it! I will take complete advantage of that extra time and will enter grades or pack up some of my stuff. 

Tonight after I got home from work I finally got to talk to my little sister {in my awesome sorority, ZTA} after about 6 months of playing phone tag. Lucky for us we even got to use skype! Best invention EVER! I love that while I haven't seen my dear friend since her wedding 1.5 years ago I still feel like  get to "see" her all the time {unless we go another 6 months!}, and I just LOVE it!

Here is a picture in case you need some evidence!

{don't judge, but this was totally staged!}

Okay, so that is all from my random musings for this moment but I'm sure that I will have more to add as this Memorial day weekend begins!

My love always,

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