Sunday, June 3, 2012

Listy Poo {uh oh!}

I really shouldn't be making a list for the world to see of the crazy amounts of things I need to complete in a short amount of time... here it goes:
1. Pack every aspect of my little apartment... it seems that stuff has been reproducing and doubling in quantity since I moved in!
2. Pack my massive amounts of classroom items! {Yep, that's right I get to move rooms again!}
3. Finish my student's end of the year awards/gifts! They are going to be awesome!
4. Finish end of the year/thank you's for the awesome parents in my classroom.
5. Arrange for a moving truck!
6. Clean my new house
7. Clean my disastrous apartment
8. MOVE!!!
9. Cancel and change energy bill and cable!!! {Cannot do this too early, I have dvr recordings every day!!!}
10. Um... this list seemed like it would be much larger in my head! this last one isn't really a "to do" however I needed an even number.

Here goes nothing!

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