Monday, May 21, 2012

Love It.

Welp... I don't really know if i put this out there in a list for people to see in the blogoshpere but there is a pretty massive list of things I love {I'll try and keep the list limited!}

1. I love love love reality TV and find that my nightly schedule revolves around what silly show I will spend my evening listening to while I am finding other things to occupy my night around this little home! {*some of my favorites being: Dancing with the Stars, All of the Real Housewives shows, The Bachelorette or the Bachelor *if I don't get too bored by the crazies that are drawn to the chaos!, and of course the CBS reality shows... Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother!}

2. I love being a teacher! I could sit and talk anybody's ear off about my students... the funny things they say and do! Not to mention that I get the biggest kick out of playing old rock songs that my dad used to play for me and watching as they sing every word of the song! I feel so blessed to have the class that I have and the fantastic parents of my 26 little boogers! Only reinforced by the 4 wonderful mothers that joined our class on a field trip this past week.

3. I am about to be done with my second year teaching! This year I was fortunate in getting to be the student council adviser and I got to put some of my sorority girl skills to good use planning and throwing a Valentine's Day dance for the middle school students called "Cupid's Shuffle" {intentionally named after the song!}.

4. I am obsessed with my pinterest board that is all about the "Interiors of my Dreams"... cannot even express all of the ideas that I hope to one day morph into one big conglomeration of a fantastic home! Yes one of my interior goals is to have an ice maker in my refrigerator! I have lived for 2 years by having to pour my water into ice trays and waiting for them to solidify overnight in order to have ice!

5. I love having DVR so that I am able to watch multiple shows that are on at the same time without having to jump back and forth between shows! *currently watching last nights "Celebrity Apprentice" finale while I have part one of the "Dancing with the Stars" finale recording.

6. I love drinking Herbalife Tea and Aloe for breakfast!

7. I love getting flight confirmations for my mom, dad and brother's upcoming visit!

8. I love seeing the amazing creations my students write! They are certainly the most impressive students possible!

9. I love being honored for my perfect attendance tonight at my school board meeting! {Yep, that's right I am one of those people who will go to work even when I feel terrible just to not have to write any sub plans!}

10. I absolutely love that there are 10.5 days of school left! That's right the last day of school is a half day!! Yay for being a teacher!

My Love,

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