Monday, May 14, 2012

Currently Monday:

Outside my window... the sun is setting, and my poor poor plant is looking like it has seen better days!
The time is... 7:49pm. Wishing I lived in a time zone where the shows I am so stoked to view were on earlier in the evening
Today I feel... too exhausted for it to be a Monday, but equally I am way too excited for it to be a Monday
I am thinking... about the madness of one of the classes I just finished taking (and hoping that it turns out in my favor).
At the moment, I am thankful... for all of the blessings in my life! I cannot believe how fortunate I am that I was given such wonderful people to surround myself with.
I am going... to watch the season premier of The Bachelorette", and quite possible in real time (meaning 30 minutes behind so that I can skip commercials)
I am wearing... My clothes from work still... I will certainly be changing into my comfy clean clothes as soon as I get the energy!
I wish... that it would be the end of the month already! I am way excited by the things (hopefully) to come in the near near future!
I am reading... a "Fees Breakdown", woah I feel so grown up! For funsies I am reading "If You Were Here" by Jen Lancaster. Jen is such an entertaining writer, she literally makes me laugh out loud with the awesome things she says. This is the second book I have read that she has written.
I am working on... trying to plan out the awesome things to come for my kiddos the last 3 weeks of school! I smell an Author Party coming on!
I am hoping... that life continues to be so awesome! Positive vibes in the universe for sure!
I am hearing... my standing fan rotate around my little living room while watching reruns of "Celebrity Apprentice"
I bet you didn't know... that I am trying to teach myself to paint my fingernails, I find left hand painting my right hand to be one of those things that either you can do or not... it must be genetic!
One of my favorite... snacks is chips and salsa! Yep, I am indeed from New Mexico!
My weekend plans include... sleeping in until 7am and catching up and re-watching some of my favorite recorded tv shows from the week! (I like to have them on while I am getting ready in the morning but don't often pay much attention).

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