Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Rules

Sunday might just be my favorite day of the week... Aside from Thursday {I don't know why but Thursday is definitely my favorite week day!} I think the reason I have always loved Sunday nights so much is because I have always paired Sunday nights with family and quiet down time. 

Growing up {especially in the summer} my dad would cook out for dinner and we would all have that special show on made for tv movie that we would enjoy together as a family... either that or my dad and brother would be watching their game on the big tv and my mom and I used to watch our drama of choice together.

To me Sunday always needs to be the day that there is nothing required to do. Homework should be complete by this day, nobody should have to think about the requirements that they need to complete before the next day of work or school. This is always my goal for the weekend NO WORK ON SUNDAY!!

As I have moved out of the same state as the rest of my family I have found that this is one of the goals I continue to attempt to follow through with as an adult. Let me just say that the last two years I have not necessarily been the most consistent at following through with this as I wished. Taking 2 classes each semester (4 over the summer) has prevented this for me unfortunately! {insert sad face here!} Now that I am done taking classes, yes a squeaked by my last semester and never thought I'd be so happy to receive a "B" in a class! *Phew*

I digress...
While I might have missed the memo on having productive weekend I have been milking it in the Sunday night relaxation process for the past two weekends. My mom and I will talk about the marathon television shows we watch for days at a time, rehashing the madness that ensued during the episodes! One of my favorites is a show that just restated {maybe one month ago}, is Real Housewives of New Jersey! 

Oh... Real Housewives of New Jersey.... Where does one even begin with that show?! Utter and complete chaos is what happens on that show. All I can say is I hope people are learning from their insanity! ha!


PS.. 4 day week {Friday we have an inservice day} followed by another 4 day week {Bless you Memorial Day!}, followed by yet another 4 day week {Which is also my last week of school for the year!} totaling 12 days left in this school year, I cannot believe it!!!

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