Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out With the Old...

With the big changes that are in store for me in the near future I have decided {with much convincing from my mother dearest} that it was time to go through all of my stuff and clean out the garbage. I started by slowly going through random areas of my living spaces! I filled up  three huge bags full of junk that I have accumulated the past two years of my existence in this 636 square foot condo. Let me tell you this, when one gets junk mail it is imperative that they take the time to rip up all of the credit card offers on the spot and toss them into your trash can! Take it from me, they pile up! For some reason I had about 20+ credit card offers stored randomly though out my tiny home. {Can you say hoarder tendencies?!}YUCK! Not only did I find old mail to be perfectly stored in my house, but I had an enormous pile of work from my fourth grade smarties that were supposed to have been put in "file 13" since Christmas break! blast!

Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to snap a picture of my enormous bags full of garbage! Dang it! I wish I was able to show off the accomplishment I made in getting rid of all of the junk that has been cluttering my space.

After I finished my common space in my condo I moved on to my bedroom... Now I like to think I go through my hanging clothes pretty often {yep, I am always on the hunt for additional hangers and will do whatever it takes to scrounge up some extras and if that means donating a couple of shirts to one of the nearby SAVERS stores!}. Needless to say I immediately ruled out going through my hanging clothes and went straight to my dresser to go through all of the drawers!

In no uncertain terms, I made a lot of progress! 

Massive pile of clothes for donation!
I have definitely made enough space in my drawers for everything to fit comfortably and for my drawers to close more easily! Thank goodness!

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