Monday, June 27, 2011

Note Worthy

Just thought I would try a little something new...

The following is a list of things in the recent past that I think are to be made note of...

1. I spent a vast majority of my weekend writing my final paper for one of my classes this semester. Happily I can share that after I reread and submit it tomorrow afternoon I will be done with one more class!

2. I unfortunately plan on spending the time I have after teaching half day summer school working on my {much shorter, therefor less stressful for a stressball like me!}research paper for class number two of the semester! Please be sending me good vibes that I can be productive and focused!

3. I must admit... I am still VERY PLEASED with my $20 Kmart purchase of a standing fan! Hope I am still as pleased when I get my next energy bill!

4. Sometimes you just need some cake to make the weekend end on a happy note! {so sue me...}

5. I am anxiously awaiting the taste of some delicious, authentic Mexican food soon!!

Unfortunately my list wasn't up to ten like I hoped... but you get the idea!
Just a couple of thoughts that were on my mind!

Get yourself a fan and feel the beautiful breeze blowing in your face!

Hope y'all made it to bed before me tonight... Come on sheep I have a long day ahead of me!!

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