Monday, June 27, 2011

AHHH! Finals... Commence!

Wlep... so it shall soon be over
{another chapter on my way to completing my 
Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education}

This weekend I spent about 15 hours on and off writing a final paper for one of my classes... 
over {get this} WHAT I LEARNED!
I mean, pretty general right?! BAH! 

I can happily say that I finished it yesterday afternoon! 

Wish I could make this post a bit more worthwhile, but I must begin writing final exam number 2!
{Thank goodness this paper is a bit more specific!}

TaTa, and please send positive productive vibes my way 
as I will surely need them today!

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  1. just found your blog through my blog HE HE HE (((LITTLE GRIN))) and you are too cute!!! I hope you will enter my give away!!! and I read you are a New Mexican at heart... my in laws have a house in Santa Fe and that is probably my most FAVORITEST place to be!!! Congrats on being finished with your paper... masters work can be cruel!!! I am your newest follower and please go enter my give away :)