Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another day done... {well, kinda!}

Happy Wednesday to all!!
I am happy to say that both of my final exams have been submitted for this first Summer session! Wow! I honestly thought it would never be over.

Overall I have a pretty good feeling, so keep your fingers crossed for me {I am prepared to offer you bribes, protein shakes, chocolate and a good book to borrow!}

On a much, much, MUCH happier note I am very happy to say that I am now making my favorite Sonic drink at home! It is the most tasty morsel EVER! Sugar-free Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper...  quite possibly the BEST. DRINK. EVER!! It's definitely part of my new summer routine to make one of these delish concoctions as soon as I get home from teaching summer school! (Not to worry I will be doing a post about this as soon as possible!}

I suppose that in all actuality, the day isn't done after all...
I still have oh so much to accomplish before I go to bed tonight. The list includes multiple loads of laundry, running and emptying the dishwasher as well as cleaning up the rest of my little casita...

I'm off! Hope you have yourself a very happy Thursday!

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