Thursday, June 23, 2011

hum.... Motherhood

So... Today I had intentions of making a post about my recent obsessions. I am hoping that by reading the title of tonight's blog you aren't thinking that one new obsession is becoming a mother!!!!

Wow! Today was my Friday for summer school this week, and it was quickly followed by a Very interesting RTI (Response To Intervention) meeting.
One of my coworkers has a small son that she is trying to potty train, well I suppose she is telling him that he can't go potty in his undies...
So he is wandering around during our meeting and all of us are talking and planning stuff for this next year, when we hear a little squeal
We turn to see where it came from and let me just say he had his pants down...
But at least he didn't go in his undies right?!

What a topper to my day, little boy pooping on the floor of the classroom during our meeting... can you say WIN?! oh geez, please let me remember this when I have children!

Hope your Thursday was as interesting as mine was!

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