Friday, June 29, 2012


I am linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged. I found her linky via one of my favorite blogs, the pleated poppy!
I must say that instagram is my favorite app on my phone, it is certainly a download well worth it! I missed instafriday last week {sad} but am certainly happy to be back at it this week!

My family came and stayed with me for 4 days and what a blast it was!!
I certainly have become more appreciative of quality time between the 4 of us since I moved away from home! This is us enjoying one of the neat bars nearby my new dwelling!

While the fam was in town we had some fun shopping for some of the necessities for my new home, thought I might as well take advantage of having my dad and brother out here and put them to work mounting my new tv!
{Please note: Criminal Minds on my tv, this picture was taken after the fam left town. while they were here the only thing on was golf and basketball!}

I got to take an awesome adventure to Minneapolis, Minnesota {yep, I just wrote a little bit about that adventure!} This is my friend Terri posing with me on the bus taking us to Target field!

Meet Target Field, home of the Twins!

We decided to play hookey for a little bit and go on a little adventure to The Mall of America!

Amusement Park

Lego Store!

I had to include this picture again, love my new friend who said, "hey Sarah" every two minutes on our drive to the fabulous state of Wisconsin.

I must admit "Excited Pictures" are my favorite ever! Cassie and I mastered the art of the "Excited Picture" when she lived out here last year and had to spend a moment or two reliving this time!

We even convinced her friend Erin to join us!

Then we had fun being "Scared!"

We really missed each other, it was a long needed reunion!

I was sad to leave Wisconsin, and Cassie!

 Da Plane!
Mom's new Bob

When I arrived home I was greeted by my Ramona bunny, who happened to become a paraplegic while I was gone... quite sad news. On a funny note she kinda reminds me or Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump

 and finally, I had the pleasure of putting together all 4 of my new bar stools! Love 'em!

Welp, I hope you all enjoyed my last 2 weeks in Instagram pictures!

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  1. Looks like a really fun week. Hope this on is just as great!