Saturday, June 16, 2012


For the first time ever I am taking the chance to link up with another blog. Found this awesome linky from a blog that I greatly enjoy reading, The Pleated Poppy.

Enjoy my week in Instagram pictures, {I might possibly add another list of pics later this week from the last week of school and a how to of my end of the year awards and gifts!!}

In the past week I got to pack up this itty bitty apartment/condo... this was it when it was almost all done! oh geez... I am so glad this adventure is complete!

 Thank you UHaul for the words of wisdom! Let me just say I had never driven a vehicle so large in my entire life!! Glad to know that "Speed Kills"!

 Thanks to all of my helpful friends I was able to get all of my furniture moved into my new home in about 3 hours {including move out time!} because of this I bough all of the wonderful peeps some Chipotle via the awesome app on my phone! Yummy!!

Just a few of the fun reminders of my crazy kiddos this school year that I found while unpacking before the family showed up!

One of the options of layouts for my furniture in my great new house! This is most definitely the one that worked the best for this open floor plan! Loving the new house!

In honor of my new house and mattress, I felt inspired to buy some new sheets!!! Goodness new sheets sure do make everything better!! I have a crazy obsession with grey and yellow as of late, now just waiting for my fluffy new comforter to show up from New Mexico

The joys of a new home, not having cable working right away, hot dog! Luckily I do love me some "Gilmore Girls" something fierce! *FYI this is the episode when Rory met Logan....

After my first shower in my beautiful new home, I walked downstairs to be greeted by rainfall inside... of course the shower drain wouldn't be connected to anything! Fixed now but still nervous to use the shower!! Uh Oh!

The first meal I cooked in my new home, Kraft Mac and Cheese! Love me some easy mac, it has been so long since I had this!

Love it when my family comes into town!! My wonderful Mom is pictured with me above!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Instafriday and link up! {Hoping I did this awesomeness the right way!}

Love, Peace, and Vegas Lovin,

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