Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riding the Crazy Train and Lovin' it!

Well... After this long week I am finally feeling able to reflect on the weekend I was able to enjoy just a short 7 days ago.

In a few short words I was able to make my first home made batch of random mixed drink for my birthday, get a fantastic surprise from my amazing parents, win 5 dollars playing bingo (not even enough to cover the cost of playing), as well as winning $18.50 betting on New Mexico State University to win a football game.

Wow! What an eventful birthday weekend I had!

I still cannot get over that my Mom and Dad were able to keep the secret from me for so long, and that my long time friend was able to keep a secret from me as well! Shocking! I am not exaggerating when I say that I talk to my Mom multiple times/day, and the fact that I totally believed that she visited my grandma and was driving home!

This school year has been quite the year already. I love teaching, I love learning, and I love getting to learn more about the students I get to teach. But let me say, sometimes I get in a funk when it comes down to it, but when I think about the whole package my students really are amazing! They are dynamic! They are funny and kind and care about the success of their peers and about their crazy teacher with her maracha and class pet!

I am so fortunate that I get to spend my days with creative, clever and hysterical people!
Hopefully I will get around to posting some pictures from my weekend and of my class (including Ramona) sometime soon!

Love you all!

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