Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all!! 

Hopefully all of you sparkle readers had some fun "trick-or-treaters" visit you today, I know I had got to spend the day with some cute ghosties and skeleton brides!

Today was a wash for us all in education... Kiddos out of uniform, with crazy hair and crazier clothes, makes for a nutso kinda day. I definitely got more done {learning wise} in this one day then I did in all of last week! I must say it was nice to get back to the crazy world of teaching my fourth graders!

I hope you all have a super fantastic week! Hopefully I will get back on and post some fun stuff later this week!

Ta Ta,

PS The countdown and the cleanse continues {not without mas temptation from the two delicious bags of Popcorn Girl popcorn I was given today!} and down to 21 days!!

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