Sunday, October 23, 2011

Short week and Loving it!

I am eagerly anticipating this week for a couple of reasons...

1. It is a short week! Since I moved to Las Vegas, it is really fun that we get a long weekend in honor of Nevada becoming a state {called Nevada Day}. This day actually falls on Halloween day, which as we all know is next Monday, but it is celebrated the Friday closest to the date. What makes this even better is that my school offers us a Fall Holiday as well {and those smarties make them consecutive days!!!}.

2. We {all of the 4th grade classes} are having a "Fall Festivities Week". For the past 2 weeks we have been using James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl as our "Listen to Reading" center so we will get to start the 3 day week by watching the film version and having a read-in day! I am so pumped! Tuesday we are doing pumpkin experiments all day, and Wednesday we are having a "Park Day"! Such a low key week, I love it! PS always looking for activity suggestions if any are out there!!!

3. My Mom is coming back to Las Vegas! Ahhh! I am so pumped for her to come again {this is a visit that I knew was coming}! It is so lame that my excitement for this has had me counting down till this since she left on my birthday! We have a few fun and new activities planned for this visit that we haven't done yet!

4. Just because it looks weird to have a list that only contains 3 items... I am hoping that the weather will finally cool down this week and I will finally get to bring out sweaters and scarves! **The Weather Channel website predicts in their 5 day forecast that it will be colder on Wednesday {like 60's!!}.

I will now leave you with some pictures that make me smile!

Love you all, and thanks for reading!! See you in a couple of days mamasita!

ps guess I should try wearing a different shirt sometime!! whoops!

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