Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Music and Motivation

Happy day to all out there!

What a fun week it has been so far for me and my silly, crazy students!
I don't even know where to begin...

My Monday was thrown a bit off course when the class I take at my church was canceled...

Planning for book reports and presentations have been consuming my time, aside from the last few papers I am in the process of writing... It's okay I only have a couple more things to do and I am done with yet another semester of getting my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education!

Tomorrow is science night at my school... I don't recall ever having an official "science night" when I was in either elementary or middle school...
Cannot express how excited I am to see what all of the children in my school have put together! All I can say for sure is that today I saw a posterboard that had bags of chewed up gum posted all around the board! ICK!

Tonight I was fortunate enough to go to a inspiring and beautiful concert!
This is the song that I am currently obsessed with... can you say AH-mazing?!
The band I saw is called "The City Harmonic", check them out!!

Enjoy every, single bit of your day!


  1. Hi Sarah! How completely random that I've stumbled upon your blog! Guess it really is a small world after all. I love The City Harmonic, they're so fascinating. And, I love your blog! So bright and fun!

    Take care and best of luck on your career (that's so great that you're an educator!).

    Renée (Reyna) Thomas

  2. Thank you so much Renee! The feel of it makes me happy and I love hearing that you enjoy it too!
    Please keep reading about some of my adventures!