Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music and Motivation

Hope everyone out there had a magical Wednesday, I know mine sure was an adventure...

Just out of curiosity, do people EVER stop carving names they love into walls of bathroom stalls? Ech, I don't think so! Obviously this was something that we got the pleasure of dealing with today... The many joys of middle school!

Too bad my students weren't this creative!

On a happier note  I really enjoy asking the students I encounter if they have heard of miscellaneous bands (by this I mean:gauging how old I really am). Today I was all about asking about Queen, one of my favorite bands to sing terribly off pitch around anybody possible! Needless to say I had one song in mind and NO it was NOT Bohemian Rhapsody, shocker right, seeing as I know all of the words!

So as I asked so many students today (about 70),
"Have you EVER heard of Queen?" as the melody of Somebody to Love plays in my head! ENJOY and JAM!

I hope your journey to find somebody to love is magical...

*side note: when I was looking up this song Justin Bieber popped up... hum...

Wishing you a very happy rest of the week!

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