Sunday, April 24, 2011

Music and Motivation - Dad's b-day/Easter Edition

Happy happy Easter to all out there!

I hope the Easter Bunny (in whatever form he so chooses) visited you this year!
Whether it was enjoying your first hunt to find Easter goodies like I got to do this year courtesy of my dear friend Cassie, or following a "jelly bean trail" per my mom from my bed leading to the basket of candy and happiness!

Most importantly, a very happy birthday to my Awesome Pop! So sad to not be able to enjoy spaghetti dinner with him on his day!

Holidays without the family are a bit strange, and because this day is both it feels like a double whammy of weirdness... especially because I do love birthdays oh so very much!

On this very fun Sunday I am lucky enough to be reunited with two of my very favorite snack foods (wish I could've said something a bit more exciting!) I have not had the privilege of enjoying either "Hot Fries" or Chocolate for quite some time now, and let me just say am bursting with excitement at getting to eat them again (in moderation).

Here is a short view of the food I was missing, and will be consuming consistently for a very long while:

Hot Fries, my favorite!!

I'd say at this point it is pretty obvious what some of my weaknesses are...

And to leave you with a final tune, in honor of my Dad on his special day. A little diddy from one of our favorite bands, The Eagles! Enjoy!

Happy jelly bean eating to all out there!

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