Tuesday, July 3, 2012

currently July

Thought I'd give joining the linky party with Farly over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade... a shot. I always admire those awesome "currently" forms she puts out and have often thought about linking up with them but this is the first opportunity I have had.

Anywho, here goes it:
*please take note, I am that person who had every intention of posting this yesterday {Yep, I made this about 24 hours ago}! I am definitely joining my former class mom at the Karate for adults workout class this morning, definitely killing time at the moment!

The first book I chose is:

This book is supposed to be my favorite "read aloud" and it is in a manner of speaking. It isn't the type of book that you sit in your favorite author's chair and share with the students; however, it is a book that I slowly read throughout the year. I use this book as the guide to how they will act in the classroom. It is fun to share the stories and get my 4th graders thinking about why "The Essential 55" are important to remember for everyday life! 
Last year I made a model on powerpoint that I simply printed out and hung on the wall as a reminder, but this summer one of my goals is to jazz up my "Essential 55" signs by using nice paper and laminating! {I love laminating!}

The second book is:

This book is definitely my go to professional book. My mom purchased "The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide" the Christmas before I began my student teaching in college. Who would have thought at the time that this book would be a necessity when I am at a loss for resources. It is SUPER helpful and one that I am happy to pull out on a regular basis. {It certainly helps that the cover matches my classroom theme!!}

If you are interested in what some other educators are choosing as their favorite books check back on 

and become uber obsessed with Farley's musings!



  1. I found your blog through Farly's link up, and I'm glad I checked your blog out! I hope you give karate a try, and it is super fun:) I'd never thought of using the The Essential 55 as a read a loud...even more reason for ME to read it....thanks for the idea!

    We are ALL Special!

  2. Gilmore girls is the best! :) I enjoyed reading your currently!

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    Your newest follower, Stephanie

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Found you through the July Currently. Enjoy your new house! and Karate! Am glad I found your blog and I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award. :) Come by and see.

  5. I gave you the Liebster award. Feel free to come on over to my blog and pick it up!

  6. Hi Sarah!

    I have taken Karate before and it is a lot of fun. =)

    Your blog has a cute name. I am happy to be your newest follower. I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart