Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music and Motivation

Just a tiny bite from me to you:

This is the song that is entertaining me this week!
I teach middle school… needless to say they all think they are the COOLEST. PERSON. EVER!! I like to catch the 6th grade boys, in particular, off guard by playing some of Mr. Beiber’s music to wrap up our 50 minutes together.

I think the best part of this is when I don’t turn it off, and as a consequence of all of their moaning and groaning I let the songs play all the way through. 

A very accurate image of my classroom royalty!

Not to worry they get a kick out of me showing off some of the awesome moves I do… a good fist pump never hurt anyone! When the “cool boys” in my class start mouthing the words when they think nobody is watching (I CAN SEE ALL!), I die laughing!!

Gah, showing off my Beiber Fever to my class might be a bit strange but they love me and the feeling is definitely mutual!!

A little Beiber lovin' for ya!

Once again I am focused on all things school related at the present time… what can I say teaching is one of those jobs that is hard to separate from everyday life. I am extremely motivated by the kids at my school. It is amazing to see how at such crucial ages and living in such a crazy city, my students are able to work to achieve their goals. I have 2 such students who are extremely hard working. They play competitive club basketball, and as they have told me, they are awesome! (Humble right?!)  I absolutely believe them in these thoughts though, kind and smart with outgoing and generous personalities. Not to worry, I will be sure to get an autograph before the year is done!

Heck, maybe I am teaching the next Larry Bird, or Michael Jordan.. 

Much love,

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