Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gosh... I LOVE an adventure!!

Welcome to Monday…

So let me just say, if my exhaustion today is any indication of how successful my weekend was then it must have been amazing! Boy was it ever!

When my friend, Cassie, invited me to go with her to Phoenix for the weekend I was nervous but said yes all the same. I mean I am not exactly the most enthusiastic sports fan to walk the Earth… However upon getting to the stadium to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play I was thoroughly impressed!! There were people everywhere, the weather was beautiful, and the food and drink options were abundant! How Fun!!! The only unfortunate thing was that I kind of got a little bit sunburned regardless of the fact that I put on sunscreen prior to the game. My knees are especially burned (but only on the front side!).

So after that great time at the baseball game I have come to one conclusion… I must go to another one! :)

Hello Spring Training!

Having to drive back on Sunday was so long and tiring… made much worse by the fact that I had a terrible headache the entire day!  I told one of my friends, Kymbre about my headache and she told me that I needed to eat pumpkin seeds… I had never heard of this curing a headache issue until she told me about it. Let me tell you, this old wives tale works! While pumpkin seeds might be an issue to hunt down, it is well worth the look. I’m not sure if there is a chemical in the seeds or if it was just something that I needed to believe in order to think it worked but all I know is that it did. Certainly wish I had a bag of them for my drive home!

Another thing that definitely helped my headache was the long shower I took. While I am not a fan of washing my hair, I really love it when I do take the time. I recently purchased a gaggle of products from Lush, yes I had to drag my happy hiney down to Mandalay Bay to do so! Because of this adventure I have developed a crazy obsession with using the products I spent my hard earned money on, especially the AMAZING soaps they have. Using the “Love Birds” soap last night was the best decision EVER!

Needless to say my Sunday was a pretty long one… At least I am able to guarantee with complete confidence that next Sunday will be a fantastic one!

Hoping you have an awesome week!

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