Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time Flies

This cliche saying is something that appears to be more real to my life and something I think on a regular basis. What does this mean? I remember my mom saying, while I was growing up, that the older you get the quicker time flies by... and wow does this ring true to me! I cannot believe that it is 11 days until Thanksgiving and 6 weeks until Christmas! Holy Moly!! {**even crazier is that I have already purchased 2 gifts for my family members and know what to purchase for the third... yes, Mom, I am talking about you!!}

I remember on Thursday when I began my long week, I thought this weekend was going to last forever and that I was going to be able to get so much done!!! Now it is Sunday night, and I am looking at a pile of graded papers and patting myself on the back at all that I have accomplished in these three days!
At least until my eyes flit over to my weekend to do list and notice that I have only checked off three of the items on my list! Sad!

A few amazing things happened to me this weekend, that I am so elated about I must share the news somewhere... I finally got the confirmation that a new planner that I purchased was finally on its way to my house so that I can put it to good use, that is planning my life away and keeping my organized! Once my new one comes in and I get to explore all of the fun it has to offer I will hopefully get to share it with all of y'all on here! 

Second, and this is way beyond belief... After my first project got submitted on Donor's Choose I went ahead and submitted a new project to be donated to my classroom {I figured that I might as well see if the same fund that donated such an enormous chunk to my first project would do it again}! I applied for a project that would fund a listening center as well as a set of books and cd's for my classroom to use during our Daily 5 time. {Here's the best part} In the email directly following the one saying that my project was posted was an email saying that I did indeed qualify for the Lincy Fund donation and all I had to raise was $96... which is a small feat compared to the original $600+ that was my original cost of the items! My mom's friend, and one of my friends donated the rest of the money! Such wonderful people!!!

I hope you all had as successful of a weekend as I did!!

my love,

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