Friday, July 22, 2011

"That Girl"...

Today I am totally "That Girl"...

Today I am realizing how much I need to get done if I want to have a relaxing weekend at all..
So I sit here and think of the 3 observation reports I have to write, the paper I have to finish and the mid-term essay I have to complete {during the designated time of course! gag!}

I totally need to get it together!
I MUST get to paper writing, asap!

But first I need to finish watching Big Brother from last night {I need to know who got sent home!} and possibly order a couple of books off of Amazon for my classroom next year! If you have any suggestions please send them my way!

Also, don't you worry I am planning on posting something about new things I am putting together for my classroom this year, and the Trash to Treasure transformations I have in mind!

Go Me!!!

Please send me good, productivity vibes today {trust me I need them!!!}

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